"For Loot And Glory" Game Overview

Game Description: "For Loot And Glory" is a pirate-themed strategic RPG accessible through web browsers and powered by the Skale Network. This game is designed to shift away from conventional P2E models, focusing instead on a player-first experience.

Development Philosophy: Unlike traditional games that require upfront investment with promises of future gameplay, "For Loot And Glory" invites players to directly engage with a testnet version and offers a free asset for initial play. This approach aims to:

  • Enhance the existing robust community.

  • Provide a fully decentralized gaming experience.

  • Avoid the pitfalls commonly associated with early P2E game development.

Mobile Accessibility: The game will be accessible on mobile devices following the main-net launch, ensuring broader accessibility and convenience.

Key Innovations and Strategic Approaches:

  • Community and Economy First: The game’s economic model is designed to be unique and sustainable, providing an engaging experience without the excessive grind typical in other P2E games.

  • Learning from Past Failures: Based on observations of other P2E platforms, the development strategy addresses and avoids critical missteps such as:

    • Dependency on continuous new user acquisition to sustain the economy.

    • Non-scalable reward systems that do not require further player investment.

    • Asset inflation or hyperinflation without effective countermeasures.

    • Lack of effective asset burn mechanisms.

    • Inadequate liquidity solutions for token pools.

    • Risk of centralization and off-chain security vulnerabilities.

    • Insufficient competitive elements that allow equal grind for all players.

    • Mismanagement of funds from initial funding rounds (IDOs/ICOs).

    • Reliance on untested or centralized blockchains with high transaction fees and no fallback plans.

Objectives and Player Benefits:

  • Decentralized Participation: Players can enjoy an autonomous gaming experience where community interaction and strategic gameplay lead to potential earnings.

  • Economic Sustainability: Through a carefully designed economic model, the game ensures long-term engagement and viability, benefiting both new and existing players.

  • Competitive Fairness: Introduces true competitive elements to enhance player interaction and engagement.


  1. Not depending on a specific user count for the economic model to function. Even with just 100 players, committed players can still earn money.

  2. Introducing gas fees for every action, making it a combination of time spent and gas used.

  3. Implementing a halving mechanism for our sole in-game token ($barrels), similar to Bitcoin's, which will be essential for gameplay and most actions. Plus, this $barrels will be NFTs and not ERC20 tokens. Additionally, those aiming for the lucrative legendary level must be willing to take the risk of burning characters and other assets.

  4. As mentioned earlier, earning money requires risking asset burning and substantial $barrels usage.

  5. No need of any pools as the main token cannot be used as such but must "mint" some "bottle of rum". These bottles won't be tokens but NFTs.

  6. Having everything on-chain, with the front-end (website) mirrored on Arweave, ensuring the game remains playable regardless of circumstances. ENS domain. We consider the project to be 100% decentralized once keys (smart contracts) are thrown away.

  7. Eliminating off-chain tokens and adopting a similar approach for the website.

  8. Reserving substantial rewards, the treasure chest (end-game), for dedicated players. Others can also profit with their assets by selling them, spending some time and fees in-game.

  9. We don't receive any revenue from the PVE buildings, pirate NFTs, or PVP building mints, except for a recently introduced "secret" asset. This asset serves as an optional and non-essential game bonus, available for less than 10 Matic. Additionally, there will be no token sales. Our potential earnings will constitute a small percentage of the gas fees utilized by players and NFT royalties. That's the extent of it. All remaining proceeds will directly flow into the treasure chests for players to win or be distributed to building owners (further details provided in the documentation). For the $FLAG tokens, please head to the $FLAG Tokenomic page.

  10. Using Skale, a well-designed for gaming , Gas free Zk Rollup, RNG by default and free that is considered safe.

We believe we have resolved the issues observed in other projects and are confident that our game will stand out. Welcome to our Pirate's lair!

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