Treasure Hunts & Coins

Treasure Hunt Overview

In Brief:

  • Purpose: Participate in hunts to earn Coins and EXP.

  • Gear Crafting: Use Coins to craft gears within the Forge.

  • Boosting Chances: Bonuses from the Brothel enhance success rates for acquiring more Coins.

  • Access Path: Access hunts by clicking Journey -> Treasure Hunt.

  • Resource Requirement: Hunts require "drinks" (Bottles of Rum) for participation.

  • Rum Costs: 10 Bottles of Rum for a common hunt, 250 for a rare hunt, 5000 for a legendary hunt.

  • PvP Relevance: Essential for gearing up for PvP challenges.

  • Marketplace Interaction: Bottles of Rum can be bought and sold on the marketplace (ERC1155).

Detailed Guide:

Preparing for a Hunt:

  • Thirst Points: Characters need Bottles of Rum to participate in hunts. These drinks are sourced from $BARRELS produced in the Tavern.

  • EXP and Coin Rewards: Successful hunts yield Coins and EXP. Failed hunts grant less EXP and no Coins.

Hunt Mechanics:

  • EXP Requirements: Characters must reach certain levels to participate in higher-tier hunts: Level 30 for rare and Level 70 for legendary hunts.

  • Rarity Levels:

    • Common Hunt: Costs 10 Bottles of Rum, grants +12 EXP.

    • Rare Hunt: Costs 250 Bottles of Rum, grants +50 EXP.

    • Legendary Hunt: Costs 500 Bottles of Rum, grants +200 EXP.

  • Failure Consequences: Losing a hunt results in no EXP gain and no Coins. There is also a risk of character burn for legendary hunts.

Coin Utility:

  • Crafting Gear: Coins are essential for crafting gears:

    • Copper Coins: For crafting common gears.

    • Silver Coins: For crafting rare gears.

    • Gold Coins: For crafting legendary gears.

  • Future Use: Coins, especially Gold Coins, will have more utility in Chapter II and the endgame.

Note: The Treasure Hunt is a key activity that drives character progression and resource acquisition in the game. It not only provides essential materials for crafting but also prepares characters for the competitive aspects of PvP.

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