$FLAG Tokenomic

$FLAG is capped at a Max Supply of 1,000,000 Tokens. After the first two sales phases, the remaining supply is mined by liquidity providers.The $FLAG token identify members, give roles based on the number of tokens in their wallet, and pay “Royalties”.

There was three sale phases :

  • The private presale (10%) at a fixed price reserved for members who have participated in the DAPP Testnet and in the building of the community and Discord.

  • The public presale (10%)

  • The IDO (80%) , to launch a decentralized exchange pool, bring trading volume to $FLAG, and provide access to returns for those who provides liquidity.

$FLAG distribution

Phase 0: Each Emperor Of The Sea (founders) bought 4,000 $FLAG, Captains bought 2,000 $FLAG (20,000 $FLAG) at the same price as phase 1 and 20 000 $FLAG were a Staff Allocation.

Phase 1 (Private presale)

  • Price per $FLAG: 0.25 MATIC

  • Number of $FLAG Availbale: 100,000 $FLAG

Phase 2 (Public presale)

  • Price per $FLAG: 0.5 MATIC

  • Number of $FLAG Available: 100,000 $FLAG

Finale Stage (LP mining and Staking)

  • Staking Program Reward 800,000 $FLAG are distributed over 4 years to members who stake their LP token MATIC/FLAG and WETH/FLAG on the Dapp.


Current staking system There is a daily FLAG emission from the 2,7 years secured (see below). FLAG ingame fees are gonna be automatically added to the vault. The system that is gonna be in place will add 2,3 years to the royalty distribution to reach a 5 years of FLAG distribution. The vault will automatically adjust the daily emission to always keep a 5 years distribution. It might sounds a bit complicated so don't hesitate to ask the team within the discord server if it isn't clear. From our previous system, as of today, thanks to these first investments (see below), we secured 2,7 years of royalties distribution among our stakers. Our game will gives us the opportunity to add more to it. Previous staking system We started as a guild made of investors investing into play 2 earn games. With the first token sale we used the funds to also invest into games and profits were distributed to the stakers (most assets were rented out to "scholars" that also were stakers). In exchange of staking and having access to all assets, they were also given a 90% cut / share of the profit made within the games. the 10% left were distributed amongs all stakers.

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