Decentralization & Our Game

"The Centralization is the concentration of control under a single authority. It requires complete trust and madness. I would not fully trust my own self so how I could I give it away to someone else?"

The entire game operates on-chain, with a mirrored frontend hosted on Arweave. The game is designed to function without human intervention, requiring only the participation of players. All player actions are executed through immutable smart contracts. The fees generated by the buildings are automatically redirected to their rightful destinations by these contracts. (see Fees & Mint) Player end-game earnings are autonomously managed through smart contracts. All financial transactions within the game are overseen by these smart contracts, which, once deployed, are immutable and cannot be altered. The game's treasury is not controlled by any individual key or entity. From a technical standpoint, the team cannot access the funds. Tokens within the pool are frozen, ensuring that any deceptive withdrawal or "rug pull" is technically infeasible.

In essence, post-deployment, the team retains no control over the game beyond addressing technical operations. However, even this access will be revoked after verifying that all bugs have been addressed. The team has no access to the generated funds. If the entire team were to vanish, the game is designed to persist, both technically and financially, operating autonomously without any human intervention.

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