The Compass

The Compass Overview

In Brief:

  • Type: ERC1155, Consumable Item.

  • Ownership: Tied to individual addresses.

  • Usage: Essential for participating in legendary hunts (PvE) and legendary travels (PvP).


  • Burn Protection: Offers protection against character or item loss during high-risk activities.

  • Staking Points Reward: Provides a slim chance to obtain a building when used for staking, without risking inflation due to very low odds.

Acquisition Methods:

  • Presale Event: Available for purchase during special presale events.

  • In-Game Rewards: Can be earned as a reward from successful participation in legendary hunts (PvE) or legendary travels (PvP).

  • Airdrops: Eligible for free airdrops to players based on the amount of FLAG staked.

Item Lifecycle:

  • Consumption: The Compass is burned 🔥 once the burn protection is activated or a building is acquired, making it a single-use item.

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