The Shipyard

Shipyard Overview

In Brief:

  • Total Available to Mint: [to be determined]

  • Functionality: Works with a character assigned as a Shipwright to produce ships and ship's equipment for PvP "Odysseys."

  • Resource Requirement: 10 Bottles of Rum per use.

  • Usage: Accessible via The Seas -> Visit Shipyard (either your own or others').

  • Shipwright Experience: Gains EXP with each use.

  • Shipwright Lifecycle: Expires after a certain number of uses.

  • Accessibility: Owners can set the Shipyard to public or private mode via Town -> Shipyard.

  • Usage Fee: Owners can charge a premium in FLAG for others to use their Shipyard.

  • Owner Rewards: Owners are compensated each time their Shipyard is used.

Detailed Guide:

The Shipyard is a critical facility where players can build ships and craft ship equipment, essential for succeeding in maritime adventures and PvP "Odysseys." This system allows for the production of three specific ship types associated with the classes Pirate, Corsair, and Smuggler.

Character and Resource Management:

  • A character must be staked in the Shipyard to become a Shipwright.

  • Shipwrights require Bottles of Rum to produce ships or equipment, with each use consuming 10 Bottles of Rum.

Experience and Longevity:

  • Each operation at the Shipyard provides the Shipwright with experience (EXP), enhancing their ability to produce higher quality ships and equipment.

  • The Shipwright gains 30XP per ship constructed.

  • For equipment crafting, the EXP gained depends on the chest's rarity used: +3XP for common, +24XP for rare, or +72XP for legendary.

  • A Shipwright can reach a maximum level of 100, after which they can build 100 more ships or pieces of equipment before expiring. A new character must then be assigned.

Crafting Equipment:

  • Players can craft equipment by providing the Shipwright with chests obtained from various Odysseys.

  • The type of chest (Common, Rare, Legendary) determines the rarity of the equipment crafted.

Chests and Equipment Rarities:

  • Common Chest: Obtained from Seafarer's Run Odyssey, crafts common ship equipment.

  • Rare Chest: Obtained from Plunderer's Quest Odyssey, crafts rare ship equipment.

  • Legendary Chest: Obtained from Siren's Call Odyssey, crafts legendary ship equipment.

Public/Private Mode:

  • In Public mode, anyone can use the Shipyard.

  • In Private mode, only the owner has access to the facility.

Note: The crafting system is designed to offer a dynamic and engaging player experience. Adjustments may be made to ensure balanced and enjoyable gameplay.

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