$BARRELS Tokenomic

BARRELS Token Overview

General Information:

  • Utility Token: $BARRELS serves as the in-game utility token for the FLAG game.

  • Production Site: Produced exclusively in the TAVERN building.

  • Conversion: Each $BARRELS can be converted into 100 Bottles of Rum, used for various game functions.

  • No Initial Sale: There will be no presale, Initial DEX Offering (IDO), Initial Coin Offering (ICO), or similar launch events.

  • Allocation: No allocations for marketing, advisors, or the team.

Emission Details:

  • Daily Emission Rate: The specific daily emission per Tavern is to be announced (TBA).

  • Regulation Mechanism: The total daily emission is controlled by a halving mechanism, similar to Bitcoin’s supply regulation:

    • Halving Trigger: A halving in production occurs each time the total circulating supply of $BARRELS exceeds 1,000,000.

    • Cancellation of Halving: If the circulating supply falls below 1,000,000, the halving is automatically cancelled, reverting to the previous emission rate.

    *this is the base but few changes could occur before mainnet launch.

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