Fees & Mint

Game Financial Mechanics Overview

Asset Minting and Distribution:

  • Allocation of Mint Proceeds:

    • 91% to End-Game Chest: Automatically allocated to an end-game reward chest, which is distributed to players/winners who reach the end-game.

    • 9% to Team: Reserved to cover game expenses and operational costs.

Secret Airdrop:

  • Purpose: Offers a small, non-essential bonus item that can enhance certain game assets under specific conditions.

  • Acquisition: Available to building owners during the mint phase and can be purchased additionally. Proceeds from these sales are directed to the founders.

Fee Structure:

  • Sustainability via Fees: All actions within the game require transaction fees, ensuring sustainability and reducing safety issues associated with off-chain tokens and databases.

  • Allocation of Fees:

    • 90% to End-Game Chest: Fees contribute to growing the end-game reward pool.

    • 10% to Team: Covers administrative and development costs.

Building Premium Fees:

  • Premium Allocation: When players pay a premium to use another player’s building:

    • 80% to Building Owner: Rewards the owner for the use of their building.

    • 20% to Protocol in $FLAG: Supports the broader game infrastructure and protocol maintenance.

Economic Impact and Cycle:

  • Investment Encouragement: The game encourages a continuous cycle of investment and spending to achieve significant rewards.

  • Eternal Cycle: The structure is designed to perpetuate an ongoing cycle of investment, gameplay, and reward collection, which is expected to sustain player interest and economic viability over the long term.

  • End-Game Rewards: Regardless of player numbers or asset purchases, the end-game chest is expected to accumulate significant value, maintaining interest in achieving these rewards.

Important note : All calculations are constantly re-evaluated to make the economic modele as perfect as we can. For this reason, keep in mind that a slight percentage change could occur.

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