Tickets & Characters

Your 3 next favorite mfers

Ticketing System Overview

In Brief:

  • Allocation: 1 NFT pirate grants 3 tickets, one for each character class (Smuggler, Corsair, Pirate).

  • Usage: Each ticket allows for one character's mint.

  • Minting Location: Characters can be minted via -> Enrollment -> Enroll Crew.

  • Marketplace Interaction: Tickets can be sold or purchased within the marketplace.

Detailed Guide:

Ticket Acquisition:

  • Tickets are obtained by owning an NFT pirate. Each NFT pirate entitles the owner to one ticket per character class, facilitating the minting of Smuggler, Corsair, and Pirate characters.

Minting Process:

  • Cooldown: After using a ticket to mint a character, there is a cooldown period before the same type of ticket can be used again. This mechanism ensures a balanced gameplay and prevents rapid, unchecked minting of characters.

Marketplace Dynamics:

  • Tickets not only serve as a minting mechanism but also as tradable assets within the game’s marketplace. Players can buy or sell tickets, providing flexibility and a dynamic economic interaction among participants.

Usage Instructions:

  • To mint a new character, navigate to Enrollment -> Enroll Crew in the game interface.

  • Select the appropriate ticket corresponding to the character class you wish to mint.

  • Follow the prompts to complete the minting process, after which the cooldown for that ticket type will commence.

Note: The ticketing system is designed to enhance the game’s strategic elements by regulating how frequently characters can be introduced into the game environment, thus maintaining a balanced and engaging experience for all players.

Character Management Overview

In Brief:

  • Supply Mechanism: Unlimited supply with a burn mechanism and a mint cooldown.

  • Character Interaction: Manage characters via -> Crew

  • Minting New Characters: Go to -> Enrollment -> Enroll Crew

  • Character Progression: Level up characters to rare (level 30) and legendary (level 70).

  • Resource Requirement: Provide characters with Bottles of Rum from $BARRELS for certain actions.

  • Activity Engagement: Send characters on treasure hunts for EXP and coins.

  • Stat Enhancement: Equip characters with gear from the Forge to boost stats and EXP.

  • Bonus Application: Utilize the Brothel to apply bonuses for treasure hunts.

  • Career Assignment: Assign characters to specific buildings for careers.

  • Inventory Management: The character with the highest stats is displayed at the top.

  • Delegation Feature: Available for reducing repetitive interactions or for renting out characters.

Detailed Guide:

ERC721 Characters:

  • Your Pirates are ERC721 tokens.

  • Minting Frequency: Characters can be minted using tickets from your PIRATE NFT once every three months.

Character Classes:

  • Smuggler (1), Corsair (2), Pirate (3): These classes gain importance in Chapter II and are foundational in Chapter I.

Initial Character Setup:

  • Starting Level: All characters begin at level zero without gear.

  • Stats Generation: Stats for boarding, charisma, and navigation are randomly generated using Chainlink.

  • Gear Acquisition: Gear items such as Head, Chest, Main Hand, Legs, and Feet enhance a character’s attributes and can be obtained at the Forge in exchange for Coins.

Character Activities:

  • Treasure Hunts: Characters participate in hunts to earn Coins and EXP, which are crucial for leveling up and will remain significant throughout the game.

  • Career Paths: Characters can be assigned permanently to various buildings:

    • Blacksmith in the Forge

    • Whoremonger in the Brothel

    • Shipwright in the Shipyard

    • Note: Once assigned, a character’s career decision is permanent and cannot be altered.

Additional Information:

  • The gear, levels, and career choices contribute to the dynamics of the gameplay, influencing both treasure hunts and PvP engagements in later chapters.

Note: The game system, including character interactions and progression, is designed to provide a dynamic and engaging player experience, with adjustments possible to ensure balanced and enjoyable gameplay.

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