The Tavern

Ever heard of a sober pirate ?

Tavern Overview

In Brief:

  • Total Availability: 999 units available for minting.

  • Functionality: Stakes to produce $BARRELS (ERC20), which are converted into Bottles of Rum (ERC1155).

  • Staking Location: Go to Town -> Tavern -> Stake button.

  • Operation: Does not require a character to be assigned.

  • Production Increase: Each level up increases $BARRELS production by +10%.

  • Usage: Bottles of Rum are essential for character activities within the game.

  • Marketplace Activity: Sell Bottles of Rum on the marketplace.

Detailed Guide:

Minting and Staking Process:

  • Minting: Obtain a Tavern by minting.

  • Staking: Once staked in the dApp, the Tavern begins producing $BARRELS of Rum.

$BARRELS Claiming:

  • Claim your $BARRELS using the "claim" button found under each tavern within the dApp interface. You can claim at any time, allowing flexibility in managing your resources.

Leveling Up Tavern:

  • Cost: To level up the tavern, it costs 0.2 rETH + 1000 $BARRELS for the first level. Each subsequent level requires an additional +20% of $BARRELS.

  • Fixed rETH Cost: The rETH price remains the same regardless of the level.

  • Production Bonus: Each level increases $BARRELS production by +10%.

Production Halving Mechanism:

  • If the total circulating supply of $BARRELS exceeds 1,000,000, a halving of general production is triggered to maintain balance. This halving is automatically reversed if the supply drops below this threshold.

Bottling Process:

  • Convert $BARRELS into Bottles of Rum by clicking "Bottling" above your Tavern. This conversion is crucial as 1 $BARREL equals 100 Bottles of Rum, which can then be used by characters or sold on the marketplace.

Economic and Strategic Impact:

  • The pricing and leveling costs are designed to regulate $BARRELS production and enhance endgame rewards. All funds from this process contribute directly to end-game payouts, benefitting PvP Chapter II winners. See also : $BARRELS Tokenomic and Earn & Endgame

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