Safety first

Security measures against scams, rugs, hacks etc... No Financial Advise at any stage of this guide.

You have been a bit lazy and bought some cryptos without really understanding the tech or what kind of safety measures is required? You have some basic knowledges but feel you could learn a bit more ? You know a bit more than others but still think some informations are missing ? No prob bro. Here is your safety guide. THE NOOB GUIDE 1. NO, a metamask hot wallet is NOT safe ! It is actually super dangerous and hacking one is easier than most people think. So get yourself a hardware wallet and buy it from the official website not fucking Amazon. The Hardware could have been tampered by malicious fuckers so use official websites : Examples : Ledger official or Trezor official (double check the links, don't trust us on our words, start to act smart !) a. Configure it and save the passphrase in a safe place. The passphrase if lost means you won't ever be able to recover your funds. This is the price of self-custody : You are the security agent of your own funds. We recommend you never let your passphrase on your computer like in a word file or screenshot. It won't take much time for a hacker to get it. Prefer physical things such as a paper hidden in a safe place in your home (and don't forget to make copies if you forget where the first paper is or else). b. From there, you only have to install the networks you use (ex: ethereum, bitcoin etc..) and send your coins to your own wallet. 2. DON'T let your funds on CEXs (centralized exchanges) it goes against the very meaning of using cryptos. Bitcoin was created to get back the control of your money. Not your keys, NOT your coins! If this is not enough, go read your CEXs term of use. All have the same condition : In case of insolvency, they will take your funds to pay off their debts. 3. DON'T click links from DMs or from people you don't know/trust. It takes one single approve to give full access of your funds to a scammer. 4. DON'T use websites you do not know or have a good reputation. Even SushiSwap that is an old, known and popular DEX has been recently victim of a hack, so be careful and ask around first! 5. DON'T ever share your passphrase. No one can help you with anything that requires you to give it away. Don't even give it to your girlfriend! 6. AVOID OTC trades. OTC trades are deals made in private, in DMs between you and another user. It requires a too high level of trust for you to ever consider it as a solution. Also, avoid websites that are used for these kind of trades (like sudoswap) 99% of the time, the other guy will send you to what seems a legitimate website but after the first approve, your funds will be gone. 7. Turn OFF the private messages on our discord (or any other servers). Don't trust a moderator in DM, not even the founder, always check you are actually talking to someone legit, don't be a fool, stay safe. THE "IKNOWFEWTHINGS" GUIDE 1. Often remove previous approvals you have made on smart contracts you don't use anymore or not often. For this, you can use, Etherscan or Polygonscan. 2. Avoid blockchains that are not yet stress-tested or those that are not decentralized. You can learn about how centralized they are by surfing the internet and yes, you can also ask us using discord. 3. Stay away from projects and protocols who tells you that the profit you will make with them will be huge. Most of the time, it is a scam. 4. Don't fall for free token airdrop online. There is a shitload of them and many are just scams. You will be required to make an approval and the very minute after that, all your funds will be away forever. 5. The safest way to mint anything is to use a wallet where you never let funds in other that what you need to mint assets. 6. Always create a wallet that won't ever interact with any protocols or websites. This wallet should only be used to receive and send funds from your other wallets. Consider it as your very own "safe box". Don't send tokens you are not 100% sure of. And of course, don't swap anything with this wallet. 7. Don't buy a promises, dreams or hopes. Buy a product. If you invest in a project, make sure the product is ready or at the very least, there is serious proof it is being done. As an example, you can ask for github pages. How many games sold you an NFT without having started to code the game? How many never did? How many did not have the required skills to actually deliver anything? Be suspicious and always check the progress a project made before giving away your precious funds. THE CYPHERPUNK GUIDE 1. Stablecoins are no good. No matter what stablecoins we are talking about, they are ALL centralized and have a malicious code line within their smart contracts (so-called decentralized stablecoins are often back by other stablecoins that are centralized) This line allows them to freeze your funds remotely even if these funds are in your own wallet. Crypto was made to avoid fiat. If you hold stablecoins, it is exactly like having your funds in your bank. 2. The tech is moving faster than ever. You can now do anything you want without the use of a centralized entity. There is tools for everything nowadays, just look around, try to find the solutions you need, be curious, learn and keep searching for ways to stay out of a controlled system within crypto. 3. Start to learn how to access smart contracts functions and later on, even try to learn a bit of the code to be able to easily recognize malicious lines. - This guide will be updated regularly if necessary as I could totally have missed a few things - Made with love by Kr4k3n

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