These mfers needs to be kidnapped in order to get your pirate's key to be part of the great first onboarding and landing.

In brief : - total supply : 10.000 - Free mint - Allows to mint 3 ticket per month - To mint a ticket go to Enrollment -> Recruiters In details : ERC721 . Crucial for gaining access to the in-game characters, its primary function is to enable the minting of tickets. These tickets, in turn, are used to mint three in-game characters. Different components and a touch of rarity will be present, purely for enjoyment. These distinctions, however, don't have any impact within the game. So, don't become overly excited if you manage to mint the rarest PIRATE NFT. Their sole purpose lies in minting Tickets, which are then used to mint the game's characters. Nevertheless, we won't be dismayed if you decide to showcase it as a profile picture (PFP). Possessing one grants you the capability to mint 3 Tickets (ERC1155), and subsequently, with the acquired ticket, you can mint three playable characters. Following the initial Ticket mint, a one-month cooldown will initiate. The duration of this cooldown hinges on the cumulative circulating supply of characters and therefore may alter over time. Each current FLAG staker receives one for every 100 FLAG tokens they stake. External participants also have the opportunity to acquire one. Please refer to the provided conditions for further details. Stakers, Roles, Airdrop & Whitelist

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