The Ships

Ship Construction Guide

1. Introduction

The Shipyard and Shipwright are crucial facilities that allow players to craft ships uniquely suited to their strategic preferences in the game. The ability to construct a well-designed ship is fundamental for anyone aiming to dominate the high seas.

2. Crafting a Ship

Cost: Crafting a ship requires a payment in rETH.

Distribution: 80% of the crafting fee is allocated to the building owner, and the remaining 20% supports the protocol.

Ship Bonuses: The bonuses or maluses a ship receives depend on the Shipwright’s level, which can range from +10% to +30% for bonuses, and -10% to -30% for maluses.

Ship Types:

  • Pirate: Specializes in crafting Caravels.

  • Corsair: Focuses on producing Schooners.

  • Smuggler: Known for creating Square Rigs.

Note: Each character class is restricted to crafting only their specific type of ship.

Ship Stats: The stats of a ship are significantly influenced by the equipment it carries and the captain aboard. Once a captain is assigned to a ship, their individual stats become the ship’s base stats.

3. Ship Class Bonuses


  • Bonus: Improved boarding capabilities.

  • Malus: Reduced charisma.


  • Bonus: Enhanced sailing performance.

  • Malus: Weaker boarding abilities.

Square Rig:

  • Bonus: Increased charisma.

  • Malus: Decreased sailing efficiency.

Captain Bonuses

  • Pirates: Receive an additional 20% boarding bonus.

  • Corsair: Gain an extra 20% charisma bonus.

  • Smuggler: Obtain a 20% increase in sailing bonus.

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