The Brothel

Every men needs some good company

Brothel Overview

In Brief:

  • Total Availability: 250 units available for minting.

  • Functionality: Works with a character assigned as a Whoremonger to produce stat bonuses for treasure hunts.

  • Resource Requirement: Requires Bottles of Rum for operations (10 Bottles of Rum = 1 use).

  • Bonus Acquisition: Go to The Seas -> Visit Brothels (use your own brothel or others') to receive bonuses.

  • Bonus Duration: Bonuses are effective for 20 hunts.

  • Whoremonger Experience: The Whoremonger gains EXP with each use of the brothel.

  • Whoremonger Lifecycle: Expires after a set number of uses.

  • Usage Fee: Owners can set a premium for others to use their Brothel.

  • Brothel Accessibility: Owners can toggle between public or private access via Town -> Brothel.

  • Owner Rewards: Owners are compensated each time their Brothel is used.

  • Potential Risk: Bonuses can potentially lead to receiving a debuff called "gonorrhoea."

Detailed Guide:

Operational Mechanics:

  • Character Requirement: A character must be staked in the Brothel to become a Whoremonger.

  • Bonuses and Debuffs:

    • Stat Bonuses: When a character visits the Brothel, they receive a stat bonus applicable for 20 hunts. Bonuses are based on the Whoremonger’s EXP, adding a strategic layer to bonus management.

    • Debuff Risk: Visiting the Brothel may result in contracting "gonorrhoea," which nullifies any recently obtained bonus and applies additional negative effects.

Leveling Up Whoremonger:

  • Experience Gains: Each brothel use provides EXP to the Whoremonger based on the rarity of the bonus requested: +3XP for common, +24XP for rare, or +72XP for legendary.

  • Max Level and Retirement: Upon reaching the maximum level of 100, the Whoremonger can provide 100 more bonuses before expiring. A new character will then be required to continue operations.

Financial Aspects:

  • Fees: Similar to the Forge, obtaining bonuses from the Brothel incurs a fee in rETH. The distribution is 80% to the building owner and 20% to the protocol.

  • Premium Fee: Owners can charge an additional amount in FLAG for using their Brothel, influencing the economic interactions within the game.

Management Settings:

  • Public/Private Mode: Owners can decide whether to make their Brothel publicly accessible to all players or private for their exclusive use.

Note: The Brothel adds a unique element of risk and reward to the game, influencing player strategies and interactions. The feature is designed to provide a dynamic and engaging player experience, with adjustments possible to ensure balanced and enjoyable gameplay.

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