Burn mechanism


$BARRELS : It is burned to level up the taverns, to refill the thirst of the characters within the buildings, and later on, for actions in Chapter II. To regulate the circulating supply, a halving will happen on $BARRELS produced through the Tavern each time it goes above 1.000.000 (total circulating supply)

CHARACTERS : To reach the end-game (Chapter II), obtaining legendary stuffs is mandatory. Each "mission" to obtain legendary stuff comes with the risk of burning your character. Also, characters have a limited life span regardless of their careers within buildings. Also, the character dies during the end-game in PVP. The conditions of this burn will be explained when Chapter II is live. GEARS AND STUFF : When a gear is equipped on a character, the nft is burned, it cannot be removed from the character. Therefore, when the character dies, so does the gear.

COINS : The Coins are burned to obtain gears. It will be necessary also for the end-game and the PVP Chapter II TICKETS : Limited by a cooldown and by the total supply of the NFT collection. Balance is made with the death of the characters via the end-game and other mechanism mentioned above.

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