Quick starting guide

You want to avoid reading all the pages and start playing ? Alright mfers here is your quick lazy starting guide.


Within the testnet, you have full access to all assets from the game like if you own it. (tickets, characters, forge, tavern, brothel for now and later on during the full testnet also access to the PVP assets) Requirements : - Metamask on Skale Calypso hub testnet network - sFUEL testnet token https://www.sfuelstation.com/ How and where to start :

  1. Go the "Mint" and mint some taverns. Minting one will automatically mint a PIRATE NFT to give you some tickets to mint in-game characters.

  2. Click "Building" and "Tavern" and stake the tavern to produce $BARRELS.

  3. Go to "Enrollment" (rolled paper icon) and "Recruiters" tab and click "Get ticket". You'll receive your 3 playable characters.

  4. Go to "Enroll crew" tab on the right sidebar. Recruit your characters. (1 ticket gives 1 of each)

  5. Wait for the Tavern to produce $rhum. Go to Building -> Tavern to see if there is some to claim. If so, claim it.

  6. After acquiring Barrels, select -> bottling to produce Rum Bottles. Then, navigate to -> Treasure Hunt (PvE) — identified by the crossed swords icon. Start the PvE by choosing your characters and providing them with drinks by adding bottles. After setting up, click on -> Hunt. Await the outcomes, which will be displayed under the Trophy Icon. You'll be able to view the number of "coins" your characters have earned. (You can click on the wallet icon at the bottom right of the page to choose which icons you'd like to display on your screen.) Also, Each character requires a Bottle of Rum to embark on hunts. Initially, when minted, a character is equipped with 25 complimentary drinks. However, once these are consumed, you'll need to replenish the supply for any subsequent actions with your characters.

  7. Utilizing the forge provides you with gear, while the brothel grants bonuses for your hunts. There's plenty more to explore in the game, and as you delve deeper, you'll uncover more features and activities.

From this point, you should be well-equipped to navigate the dapps and engage in gameplay. Should you require additional information, feel free to reach out to us on the Discord testnet channels.


[will be detailed once the game is live]

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