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Chapter II - Pirate's Rampage

PvP Mode: High-Seas Adventures In the Player versus Player (PvP) mode, players embark on strategic naval battles across expansive waters, engaging in exhilarating voyages to claim treasures and renown. Each Odyssey tests players' management of resources, battle skills, and strategic acumen.

Launching an Odyssey Players must assemble a formidable crew led by a Level 100 character equipped with legendary gear. To embark, players also need a sufficient stock of rum and a ship with the required durability:

  • Common Odyssey: 10 durability points

  • Rare Odyssey: 20 durability points

  • Legendary Odyssey: 30 durability points

The cost of launching includes bottles of rum and a fee in rETH.

Mission Timers After each attack, both the defender and the attacker have 24 hours to spend their mission points before they can be attacked again. If their mission points drop to zero before the timer expires, the ship becomes vulnerable to attacks immediately. This timer applies universally across all Odyssey types.

Types of Odysseys

  1. Seafarer's Run (Common Odyssey)

    • Durability: 10 points

    • Starting Cargo: 5000 bottles of rum

    • Stake per Attack: 100 cargo points

    • Reward: Common Chests

  2. Plunderer's Quest (Rare Odyssey)

    • Durability: 20 points

    • Starting Cargo: 10,000 bottles of rum

    • Stake per Attack: 100 cargo points

    • Reward: Rare Chests

  3. Siren's Call (Legendary Odyssey)

    • Durability: 30 points

    • Starting Cargo: 25,000 bottles of rum

    • Stake per Attack: 100 cargo points

    • Reward: Legendary Chests

    • Note: If the cargo reaches zero, the ship will be destroyed.

Odyssey Phases

  1. Attack Phase

    • Interception: The attacker attempts to intercept the defender by rolling dice twice, aiming to beat half of the defender's sailing stats with each roll. If the defender wins both rolls, their ship escapes, earning 3 mission points, while the attacker gains 1 mission point.

    • Boarding: The attacker then tries to board the defender's ship. This involves two dice rolls between the attacker's max boarding value and half the defender's charisma, plus a final roll between the attacker's max charisma and half the defender's boarding value. The winner of two out of three rolls claims victory in the battle.

  2. Negoce Spoils: The victor negotiates the spoils with the vanquished:

    • If the victor wins the dice roll (mid charisma of both parties), they seize 100 cargo points plus 20% of the total cargo of the defeated.

    • If the victor loses the negotiation, they take 100 cargo points plus 10% of the total cargo.

Durability and Usure Every attack reduces the durability of both the attacker's and defender's ships by one point. An Odyssey ends when a ship's durability or cargo reaches zero. Successful dice rolls in sailing, boarding, or charisma decrease the related stat by 5% due to wear and tear.

Missions Players can attempt missions using mission points to gain stat bonuses, with a 50% base difficulty, influenced by the captain’s role and the type of ship.

Rewards and Conclusion Upon exiting an Odyssey, players receive rewards based on their remaining cargo, in the form of Chests—unless the cargo is depleted. The PvP mode offers a blend of strategy, risk, and reward, urging players to plan their attacks and use their resources wisely.

Join the adventure now and navigate your way to glory on the high seas!

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