Endgame : The Crown Of Gold

Chapter III : The Crown Of Gold

In the thrilling Crown Of Gold chapter, players who possess legendary ships can embark on a quest to discover buried treasures hidden across the vast seas. To partake in these legendary journeys, players must first secure a Legendary map, obtained by completing various quests during the game.

Odyssey Maps

  • Players with legendary ships may earn Epic Odyssey maps as rewards for their daring exploits. These maps come in three rarities: Common, Rare, and Legendary.

  • Common Odyssey Map: Obtained through successful completion of various voyages.

  • Rare Odyssey Map: Can be exchanged for 100 Common Voyage Maps.

  • Legendary Odyssey Map: Exchanged for 100 Rare Voyage Maps.

Seeking the Untold Riches

Once in possession of a Legendary Odyssey Map, players can embark on their final and most epic adventure. Owning this Map is the ultimate key to get a massive prize : A percentage of the chest. Legendary ship sets sail in pursuit of the ultimate treasure, The Crown Of Gold, and it will be the ship's final Odyssey before retirement (burn).

The Lost Treasure

The Lost Treasure is a culmination of the vast amount of rETH accumulated by all players throughout their adventurous journeys and progression. The Crown Of Gold poses the ultimate challenge, offering players the chance to claim unparalleled riches and fame. Only the most daring and skilled players will have the opportunity to unlock this extraordinary treasure.

(Note: The Endgame mechanics are subject to continuous fine-tuning to ensure a balanced and thrilling experience for all players.)

The Crown Of Gold Is Yours !

So you've obtained your Legendary Odyssey Map, and you've sent your ship on a 30-days journey to acquire that beautiful Crown of Gold. Now, all that's left is patience. And a percentage of the Chest will be claimable directly to your wallet. The tokens you'll receive are $rETH tokens. The 30-days duration is designed to regulate the chest, allowing it to be replenished by other players during that time. The amount should be quite substantial, rewarding the dedicated players (try-hard players), and it consists of a % of all fees paid in Chapter I and II, plus the building's mint.

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